For many of you, the months of October and November are busy ones. It’s post-fire season for some, pre-fire season for others and the beginning of the winter season for anyone involved in HEMS or heli-skiing in many parts of the world.

Adding to this is a surge in the number of trade shows, conferences and other events during these two months. Helitech International, NBAA, AMTC, Marrakech Airshow, to only name a few. This “show season” stretches just until the holidays and makes everyone wonder how Christmas came around so quickly.

For Optima Aero, these two months represent an annual road show where we get to meet customers and peers from all around the globe. In the span of three weeks alone, our team will have attended trade shows on three continents and met with dozens of people from diverse backgrounds. After thousands of kilometers and uncountable hours spent on planes, the pleasure we take in diving into all these different cultures within the same industry remains unchanged. Plus, even though we all speak different languages at home, the language of the helicopter industry is universal and provides common ground for mutual understanding across countries and cultures.

Whether you are a pilot, a technician or in a support role, the richness and diversity of experiences that this truly international industry has to offer is invaluable and deserves a moment of reflection every now and then.

On this note, safe travels to everyone and we hope to see you at our next stops in Vancouver for HAC 2018 and in Zhuhai for China Airshow!

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