Optima  Aero  signs  long  term  agreement  with  UI  and  South  Korea  forestry  service  for  PT6T-3B  engines  lease

January 3rd 2018. Optima Aero inc and UI helicopter CO Ltd have entered into a long term agreement in which Optima Aero will lease PT6T-3B engines to UI Helicopters CO Ltd. This deal appeared in the context of a long term contract with South Korean Forestry Services to support Bell 412 helicopters. The service hausarbeit schreiben lassen provided us with a thesis project in which the scheme of helicopter engines was described. Based on this project, we created the PT6T-3B engines.

This new long term engine leasing service by Optima Aero, allows operators to avoid large capital investments related to helicopter engine overhauls while benefiting from reasonably priced expensed payments over a 3 to 5 year period. The program also includes the full coverage of Optima Aero’s Optimal Power Support, an industry leading hourly maintenance program. The helicopter engines were overhauled by Mint Turbines LLC and had exceptional performance on test.

Optima Aero tailored an advantageous long term lease offering that enabled UI Helicopter to adjust to customer requirements. Once the service concept agreed, Optima Aero also delivered the engines quickly

– Jaeyeon Hwang, Production Director at UI Helicopters

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