What  is  power-by-the-hour  (pbh)  maintenance?

A PBH is an hourly maintenance program for your engine, aircraft or anything in between. The concept is easy, you pay a certain amount for each hour that you fly on your aircraft and these funds go towards your future helicopter maintenance requirements. The main advantages of such programs, including of Optima Aero’s own Optimal Power Support (OPS) hourly maintenance program, are mostly of financial nature. Instead of a large cash outlay at the time of your engine overhaul, you will pay for every hour flown on a monthly basis. This will improve your cash flow and allow to use your funds right away for other projects with higher returns. Additionally, with Optima Aero, you will save on your overhaul cost and benefit from our expertise. You’ll also have access to our large parts inventory and industry partnerships. The peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for any unforeseen even, comes free of charge.