We are thrilled to announce Celine Marchal’s new position : Vice President of Sales Europe Middle-East, Africa & Asia (EMEAA ) within our organization. As part of our international development strategy, the creation of this strategic role aims to serve our customers optimally and to proactively to address the growing needs of Asian and African markets.

Eversince Celine joined our team, she has excelled with exceptional performance, accumulating numerous successes in our European developments. Celine brings many years of experience and demonstrates strong leadership in our industry. She is the one who can fulfill this crucial role in our international development projects.

Furthermore, Celine is currently pursuing an Executive MBA program, demonstrating her commitment to professional growth. Her expertise and dedication are exceptional. It allows her to lead our company to new heights. We look forward to seeing Celine to transcend all our expenctions, one again, in her new role as Vice President of Sales, EMEAA. We’re positive she will make a significant contribution to our organization’s growth and relationships. Congratulations, Celine all the best!

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