Sale and leaseback program for operating PT6 and PW200 engines
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Capital Efficiency
Cost Control
Mission Readiness

Helicopter engine sales & leaseback

Capital Efficiency
Cost Control
Mission Readiness

Helicopter engine sales & leaseback

Sale & Leaseback of operating engines

The sale and leaseback program is Optima Aero’s ultimate solution for commercial operators looking to create value for their company and their customers. Our sale and leaseback option allows for increased liquidity, predictable cash flows and lower maintenance costs.

Optima Aero buys your operating PT6T, PT6C, PT6B, PW206 and PW207 helicopter engines at market value and leases them back to you over a period of five years. At the end of the term, you can repurchase the helicopter engine or prolong the term.

Combined with Optima Aero’s highly competitive Power by the Hour (PBH) program, this innovative solution maximizes operator’s capital efficiency and cash flow predictability while reducing cost.

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Supported engines

  • PT6T-3B, PT6T-3D, PT6T-3DF
  • PT6B-36, PT6B-37
  • PT6C-67C
  • PW206, PW207

Please call us today if you need our services for a different engine.


  • Increased liquidity and predictable cash flows for your operations
  • Optima Aero buys engines at market value
  • Benefit from lower maintenance costs
  • Keep operating as usual
  • Avoid putting off overhauls and stay mission-ready
  • Sell your aircraft faster and simply transfer the lease
  • Fiscal advantages (off-balance sheet transaction)

How does it work?

Optima Aero :

  • Buys your engines, injecting capital into your company
  • Leases the engines back to you for continuous operations
  • Manages your maintenance for the term of the agreement
  • Lets you repurchase the engines, prolong the term or sell your aircraft

Why Optima Aero?

Optima Aero is your reliable partner for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T, PT6B, PT6C and PW200 engines and the leading provider of innovative engine asset management solutions to help operators achieve the Optimal Balance between cost control, capital efficiency and mission readiness.

  • • Innovative solutions customized to your needs
  • • Best-in-class product knowledge and asset management capabilities
  • • Large inventory of overhauled parts
  • • Extensive industry supplier network, including volume rebates and embodiment discounts

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