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What are the advantages of leasing my helicopter engine rather than buying it?

There are three main advantages to leasing your helicopter engine over buying it. First of all, leasing your helicopter engine avoids a large initial cash outlay, replacing it with lower monthly payments over a certain period of time. Additionally, with Optima Aero’s Sale & Leaseback solution for operating helicopter engines, we will buy your operating PW&C engine … Lire la suite

What is your available engine’s TBO ?

The TBO (Time Between Overhaul) is a measure defined by the OEM, Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) in our case, that indicates the hours your asset can be used before it requires overhaul. While the basic TBO for PT6T-3B and PT6T-3DF engines is 4,000 hours, it varies for each model and can be higher or … Lire la suite

What is Power-by-the-hour (PBH) maintenance?

A PBH is an hourly maintenance program for your engine, aircraft or anything in between. The concept is easy, you pay a certain amount for each hour that you fly on your aircraft and these funds go towards your future helicopter maintenance requirements. The main advantages of such programs, including of Optima Aero’s own Optimal … Lire la suite

Should I overhaul or exchange my helicopter engine ?

The key difference between overhauling your current helicopter engine and exchanging it for an already overhauled unit is one: availability. When choosing between an overhaul or exchange, it is also important to consider the average lead time. The usual lead time for a PT6T-3B engine (Power Section only) overhaul is somewhere between 30 and 60 … Lire la suite

Why is Optima Aero so competitive on financial service offerings?

Optima Aero has a wide network and is experienced at purchasing time expired PW&C engines and serviceable parts. As overhaul cost is typically 70% driven by parts, we’re able to have a great impact on overall cost when incorporating parts from our large inventory. In addition, because of our reputation and past success, Optima Aero … Lire la suite

How I can reduce costs by working with Optima Aero instead of directly with my repair shop?

You might think that adding another intermediary would increase your cost, but in fact you can save money by letting Optima Aero manage your PW&C engines repairs and overhauls. With our extensive Pratt and Whitney product knowledge, large helicopter parts and accessories inventory and specific agreements with our partners, we are able to optimize your … Lire la suite

Are all your parts original OEM parts?

Yes, all our parts are OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer). If you require PMA helicopter parts, please contact us directly.

With your Sale & Leaseback solution, will I be able to sell my aircraft?

Yes, with Optima Aero’s Sale & Leaseback solution you will be able to sell your aircraft whenever you want. You will even sell more easily due to the lower sale price of your helicopter. The engine lease is transferable with the aircraft.

What is Optimal Balance and how can a commercial helicopter operator achieve it ?

Optimal Balance is a concept we developed to describe our clients need for having the right balance between cost control, capital efficiency and mission readiness. Optima Aero helps reduce your cost for engines & parts repairs and overhauls. With our maintenance and financing solutions, Optimal balance also means improving cash flows. It provides you with helicopter … Lire la suite

Pourquoi choisir optima aero?

Optima Aero est un partenaire fiable pour les moteurs Pratt & Whitney Canada de modèle PT6T, PT6B, PT6C et PW200 et le principal fournisseur de solutions novatrices en matière de gestion des moteurs.Nous aidons les exploitants à atteindre un équilibre optimal entre contrôle des coûts, rentabilité et efficacité opérationnelle.

  • • Solutions innovantes sur mesure pour répondre à vos besoins
  • • Connaissance approfondie des produits et gestion des actifs de qualité supérieure
  • • Vaste inventaire de pièces réusinées
  • • Vaste réseau de fournisseurs, y compris les remises de volume et les rabais d’installation

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