Our helicopter accessory exchange program for PT6 and PW200 engines
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Exchange Program

Exchange Program

Optima Aero’s customized helicopter accessory exchange is a solution for operators looking to increase mission readiness while reducing costs. We use our extensive exchange pool to provide you with the helicopter accessories you need when you need them.

Whether you have an urgent requirement, are shopping for your scheduled maintenance or need to replenish your spares, at Optima Aero we can provide you with outright or exchange accessories for your PT6 or PW206/207 engines. Our stock includes PT6T-3, PT6T-3B, PT6T-3DF, PT6B-36, PT6B-37A, PT6C-67C, PW206 series and PW207 series accessories. All accessories typically come with dual release (FAA/EASA) certification.

We know that recurring accessory exchanges can put a strain on your aircraft’s availability and mission readiness, that’s why we work closely with our customers to create an integrated supply chain and have helicopter parts ready when and where they need them.

By closely coordinating events, such as fuel nozzle exchanges, we can provide the best price and solution to minimize your aircraft’s downtime. This helps you respect your contracts, provide excellent service and have the peace of mind that Optima Aero is taking care of your requirements. At the same time, it allows Optima Aero to proactively invest in and maintain its exchange pools for our PT6T, PT6B, PT6C, PW206 and PW207 series engines.

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Let us know about your requirements today and find out how you can benefit from our helicopter accessory exchange program !


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Supported engines

  • PT6T-3, PT6T-3B, PT6T-3D, PT6T-3DF
  • PT6B-36, PT6B-37
  • PT6C-67C
  • PW206, PW207

Please call us today if you need our services for a different engine.


  • Guaranteed availability and pricing
  • Increased mission readiness
  • Reduced TAT and cash outlay
  • Benefit from best-in-class product knowledge

How does it work?

  • Let us know about your scheduled exchanges or contact us for more urgent needs
  • Optima Aero will quickly provide exchange units

Send your core units to Optima Aero after install to reduce aircraft downtime

Why Optima Aero?

Optima Aero is your reliable partner for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T, PT6B, PT6C and PW200 engines and the leading provider of innovative engine asset management solutions to help operators achieve the Optimal Balance between cost control, capital efficiency and mission readiness.

  • • Innovative solutions customized to your needs
  • • Best-in-class product knowledge and asset management capabilities
  • • Large inventory of overhauled parts
  • • Extensive industry supplier network, including volume rebates and embodiment discounts

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