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Optima Aero inc. sets up in France and creates Optima Aero Europe

Optima Aero Europe will begin operations on May 4, 2022 in New Aquitaine, France, and more specifically in the Biarritz region. Optima Aero Europe, like its parent company Optima Aero Inc. located in Montreal, Canada, will dismantle end-of-life helicopters and provide reconditioned helicopter parts for Airbus, Leonardo and Bell Flight helicopters. EASA certified parts will … Continued


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The Importance of Free Trade in Aerospace

The debate on free trade agreements (FTAs) is almost as old as trade itself. Some love it, some hate it and others fear it. While FTAs were mainly used to protect traders and their goods in ancient empires, they nowadays serve as a means to open access to international markets and industries, reduce barriers to … Continued


Come and Meet Optima Aero in Atlanta   Only a few days to go! HAI Heli-Expo 2019 waits around the corner and at Optima Aero we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the show. Since the last HAI Heli-Expo in Las Vegas, we have successfully increased our reach to South America and Asia, becoming … Continued

Vertical Flight Industry, Truly International

For many of you, the months of October and November are busy ones. It’s post-fire season for some, pre-fire season for others and the beginning of the winter season for anyone involved in HEMS or heli-skiing in many parts of the world. Adding to this is a surge in the number of trade shows, conferences … Continued

The Bell 412 Relentlessly Fighting Fires around the Globe

Over the past two years, wildfires have been dominating news headlines and industry conversations. Wildfires are raging in many countries, threatening lives and livelihood. In Canada, the vast majority of commercial operators engage actively in fire suppression, and the variety of helicopters employed speaks for itself, ranging from light to heavy machines. An icon in … Continued

PW&C engines expert and Optima Aero founder Toby Gauld explains why parternships can be of great use to commercial helicopter operators

What Partnerships elevate your business in this fragmented helicopter industry?

Partnerships : strenght in numbers In this era of high-octane connectivity it is easier and easier to find commodities, services and people. That can translate into efficiency if you add a very important ingredient: partnerships. Indeed, finding a product is good. Finding a product that meets quality and price targets is better. Finding a supplier … Continued

Owner Toby Gauld gives his tips and solutions for PT6T Engine Overhaul

5 Solutions and 3 Tips for Your Engine Overhaul

In times where flying hours are up one year, down the next and contractual rates increasingly competitive it’s all the more important to optimize DMC (Direct Maintenance Cost). As you know, the highest maintenance cost on a helicopter is the power unit consisting of the engines and combining gearbox. This is why it’s all the … Continued

What is the future of the bell 212 helicopter and 412 helicopter and PT6T engine that comes with it

Mel drives a Tesla but the Bell 212 / 412 will still be around for a while

A quick stop in calgary I was in Calgary recently with Lionel Meyer my business development lead at Optima Aero, we were there to visit with operators and maintenance facilities for the week. April is always a busy time in maintenance for North American operators getting ready for the “fire season”. The trip started out by … Continued

PW&C engine expert and founder Toby Gauld explains why it's a good solution to do business in Lousiana for commercial helicopter operators

Perks of Doing Business in Louisiana

It’s been a tough, cold and long, long, long winter in Montreal this year. Needless to say it was a welcome trip to fly to Louisiana to see my friends at the major helicopter operators in the Gulf of Mexico. In meetings with Bristow, PHI and ERA I was privileged to get an overview of … Continued

Why Optima Aero?

Optima Aero is your reliable partner for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T, PT6B, PT6C and PW200 engines and the leading provider of innovative engine asset management solutions to help operators achieve the Optimal Balance between cost control, capital efficiency and mission readiness.

  • • Innovative solutions customized to your needs
  • • Best-in-class product knowledge and asset management capabilities
  • • Large inventory of overhauled parts
  • • Extensive industry supplier network, including volume rebates and embodiment discounts

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