About Optima Aero, frontrunner in engine asset management solutions

About us

If you maintain or operate Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) helicopter engines and you aim to improve capital efficiency, cost control or mission readiness, your landing was perfect!

Optima Aero prides itself on being the foremost leader in innovative engine asset management solutions for:

  • PT6T-3, PT6T-3B, PT6T-3DF,
  • PT6B-36, PT6B-37,
  • PT6C-67 and PW200 engines.

Our focus is creating an Optimal Balance, by increasing your cash flow, reducing maintenance cost and making helicopter engines and parts available when you need them and where you need them.

Our team of foremost engine experts is committed to providing innovative and targeted solutions for the helicopter industry.

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This is how we achieve an Optimal Balance :
Capital Efficiency

Capital Efficiency

In the spirit of focusing on core activities we have designed a solution to put cash back in your books with a helicopter industry exclusive service: Engine Sale and Leaseback (S&LB). To keep cash flow stable and predictable we offer Power by the hour (PBH) maintenance and flat rate Engine Exchanges with no bill backs. At Optima Aero we know seasonality impacts revenue and mineral values fluctuate. This is why we also innovated to support tougher cash flow periods by offering Event Management Financing (EMF) where you benefit from 12 months to pay for repair or overhaul services. Even better, this service is offered at 0% interest depending on the option you choose.

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Cost Control

Cost Control

By having a premier stock level on serviceable parts and the foremost experts in the inspection and repair of P&WC engines and parts, we offer supply of serviceable parts, Event Management, Power by the hour (PBH) maintenance and Engine Exchanges that keep costs the lowest. We can typically reduce your cost by 15-20% on standard repair and overhaul.

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Mission Readiness

Mission Readiness

By working with Optima Aero you benefit from our Engines Exchange and Accessory Exchange pool to keep you mission ready: Assets you need, when and where you need them. We plan your engine inventory and make assets available for any event, foreseeable or not.

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Our history

Founded in 2010 by Toby Gauld with a team of other Pratt & Whitney Canada experts by his side, Optima Aero started out as a provider of high quality, used serviceable and overhauled parts for PT6T gas turbine helicopter engines.

As the company grew, Optima Aero positioned itself as the foremost provider of innovative maintenance and asset management solutions to allow operators and MRO facilities reduce cost and turnaround times.

Soon after, Optima Aero added new engine models to its portfolio, such as the PT6B, PT6C and PW200, and received awards and distinctions both on a regional and provincial level.

Today, Optima Aero is the leading provider of innovative engine asset management solutions with services such as Event Management Financing, Power by the hour [PBH] maintenance and its revolutionary helicopter engine Sale & Leaseback program. This enhanced focus on capital efficiency, cost control and mission readiness is what defines the company.


Our mission is to help operators and MRO facilities achieve the Optimal Balance of capital efficiency, cost control and mission readiness by providing innovative engine asset management solutions.


Our vision is to transform the way assets are managed in the helicopter industry.

Partners & Customers


  • Steve Walford / Vice President

    Optima Aero has proven to be an outstanding partner who is responsive, customer dedicated and very adept at delivering creative cost sensitive solutions. Our “win win” approach is solely focused on our customers’ requirements and ensures maximum satisfaction. Optima Aero sets itself apart in the marketplace by providing the most innovative solutions, top quality parts and one of the best teams in its field.

    Vector Helicopter Services
  • Wojtek Slupek / Power Plant Systems Manager

    Optima Aero – always there to help us stay in the air, providing creative solutions and support, so that we can go further…

    Canadian Helicopters Limited (CHL)


Technical advisors
Optima Aero is a Transport Canada approved distribution organization 35-12 under AWM 563. Learn more